This module will enable the students to:

  1.    Understand the fundamental aspects of Leadership

  2.   Be able to support creative and innovative management processes for an organization

  3.  Be able to influence others to effect change in an organization

  4.  Be able to plan to overcome barriers to implementation of creative and innovative

management ideas in an organization


This subject aims to equip students with a basic knowledge and understanding of business statistics.

Organizational behavior (OB) or organizational behavior is "the study of human behavior in organizational settings, the interface between human behavior and the organization, and the organization itself". OB research can be categorized in at least three ways, including the study of:

  1. individuals in organizations (micro-level)

  2. work groups (meso-level)

  3. how organizations behave (macro-level)

Upon complete this course, student will have better idea how to work alone with their fellow colleague and form a strong team.  

Entrepreneurs are the creators and builders of new ventures that not only fulfil their own dreams, bring them huge fortune but also make a strong impact on the society and improve the lives of people.

Upon successful completion of the course, you would have a good understanding of entrepreneurship; the issues encountered on the entrepreneurial journey; and most importantly, how you can become an entrepreneur yourself. 

Specifically, the course covers aspects of accounting and finance essential for entrepreneurial venture, basic concepts on commercialization of technology, management of intellectual property and entry and exit strategies.

This module will enable students to:

  1.   Understand the fundamental aspects of leadership

  2.  Discuss leadership theories, models and perspectives

  3. Compare and contrast various leadership theories

  4. Demonstrate the ability to apply selected leadership theories in analyzing leadership