The aim of this module is to provide students with a broad introduction into the complex world of hospitality and tourism business operations. It provides an overview of the separate functions and activities that concern managers in modern businesses. This module reflects modern concerns of hospitality and tourism business operations.

This module examines the key concepts of housekeeping management in the hospitality industry. Important topics in this module include the role of housekeeping, planning and organizing, managing inventories, safety and security of the lodging property.

The aim of this module is to equip students with an understanding of the principles of marketing as they apply to the industry and offers a framework for a more effective marketing strategy approach for the industry. Students will be introduced to a marketing function of the organisation and develop marketing theories from customer motivation to product development. The focus is on how organisation identify the needs of their target markets, understand the buying behaviour of their target markets, and develop a marketing mix (comprising products, price, promotion and placement) to satisfy the needs and wants of these markets. While the course has a theoretical base, practical application of the concepts of marketing to real world situations is an essential element.

This module aims to promote an understanding of key concepts of business communication as it applies to today’s organizations. Students will be exposed to the different frameworks of studying and understanding foundation of business communication and apply the step in writing process for crafting brief message for reporting and oral presentation.

This module equip students with the basic theory and method of human resource management, and know the common procedure of human resource management in companies. The module covers the following:

  • Introduction to human resource management

  • Planning

  • Analysis

  • Recruitment and employment

  • Training and career development

  • Labour relationship and human resource management in a cross-culture environment

  • Labour relationship and human resource management in a cross-culture environment.

This module equips the students with the explanation of the basic theory, knowledge, skills, and techniques of management, and combines with case study to enhance student’s ability of problem analyzing and solving. The module covers the following:

i.   Basic theory and technique of management;

ii.  History of the development of theories and ideas of management;

iii. Basic function of management such as planning, organizing, lead, control, etc. As well as their correlations;

iv.  Basic knowledge of human resource in recruitment and training; and

v.   Theory of inspiration and method of innovation.